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Beginner's Photography Class

Beginner's Photography Class

Saturday 09 March
Main Street - 10am - 3 Hours
Jerry Coli
Unleash the full potential of your camera and master the art of exposure at this exciting event. Engage with our experienced facilitators as we delve into the intricacies of your camera, exploring shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings. Discover how these crucial elements influence your exposure, transforming your photography skills. The learning doesn't stop there. Under the guidance of a seasoned professional photographer, put your prowess to the test, crystallizing your newfound knowledge in an interactive and enriching setting. Seek to unravel the mysteries of your camera; join us for a transformational photography experience.
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Come along to our photo sessions to dust off your camera and get snap-happy with a professional photography instructor.

Brush up on your camera skills and learn new photography techniques whilst on a photo walk class with other local keen photographers!

We run two hour photography sessions based on a photography theme/technique/style and they take place in various locations in Greenville .

  • New to photography? We also run a popular 3 hour Beginners Guide to Photography Class once a month. And once in a while we will run special niche 3 hour classes, for example, Astrophotography - so do subscribe to our newsletter to know when the next on is!

  • Who can attend? Open to all skill levels, from beginners to keen amateurs. The photography instructor is there to help you with camera settings and provide any advice you need.

  • What to bring? We recommend bringing a camera that has full manual mode or semi-manual modes (Aperture or Shutter Priority). Compact cameras and smartphones also welcome!

    The meeting point and full details for the day are sent in the booking confirmation email to the email address you provide at time of booking.

    Join the Greenville Photography Group on Facebook to share your photos after the session.

    Got a question? Try our FAQ.
    It was wonderful. Time well spent.
    It was nice to meet different photographers.
    Greenville Photography Group
    Title or Location: Seabrook Island, SC
    I may have uploaded the wrong photo earlier, there were several in the series. In case this is the one you'd like, here is the info. I was on the beach to photograph shorebirds when I noticed this Snowy Egret running around in a tidal pool, hoping to startle and stir up the fish. It's very entertaining to watch as they dart back and forth, flapping their wings. It worked! It didn't take long at all for the egret to catch one. Nikon Z8, Nikkor Z 800mm f6.3, 1/6400, f13, ISO 3200. 8
    Credit: Gina Sanders
    Facebook: Gina Ellison Sanders
    Instagram: ginasanders629

    Greenville Photography Group
    Title or Location: Seabrook Island, SC
    I was on the beach to photograph shorebirds when I saw this Snowy Egret running through the water, to startle and stir up the fish. Their foraging style is always entertaining to watch! Take at 8:44am with a Nikon Z8, Nikkor Z 800mm f6.3. at 1/6400, f13, ISO 3200.
    Credit: Gina Sanders
    Facebook: Gina Ellison Sanders
    Instagram: ginasanders629
    Greenville Photography Group
    Title or Location: St. Augustine Beach , Florida
    My wife and I traveled to St Augustine after Christmas for mini vacation. For 3 straight mornings I went out to catch a sunrise photo but it was either raining or too cloudy for a decent sunrise. On the morning we were to leave, reluctantly I went back to the beach, camera and tripod in hand. I snapped several photos of the sunrise with another lens, but decided to put on my 70-200. As soon as I had locked focus on the sun, these 6 Pelicans decided to photobomb my scene! My favorite photo
    Credit: Barry Pack
    Facebook: Barry Pack
    Instagram: BarryPackPhotography

    Greenville Photography Group
    Title or Location: Falls Park, Greenville, SC
    Liberty Bridge in Falls Park On The Reedy.
    Credit: Bob King

    Greenville Photography Group
    Title or Location: Lake Keowee in SC
    Since starting photography, I've been chasing beautiful sunrises. This one was a chance outing to the South Cove Park Campground where I wasn't sure what I would get. But it's turned into one of my favorites.
    Credit: Lauren Holman
    Instagram: @laurenholmanphotography
    Greenville Photography Group
    Title or Location: Downtown Greenville, SC
    Greenville?s Christmas tree as viewed from the entrance of historic 135 South Main Street building.
    Credit: Bob King

    Syracuse Photography Group
    Title or Location: Upper Antelope Canyon
    Photographing Upper Antelope Canyon was on my 'list'. I'm glad I researched suggestions to get successful photos during the tour. This was shot at ISO800, f4 and 16mm around 3pm local.
    Credit: Marc Gerbsch
    Facebook: marc.gerbsch
    Hartford Photography Group
    Title or Location: Case Mountain, Manchester, CT
    Shot with Canon RP w/ 24-105mm lens with ND1000 filter 30 sec at f8.0 ISO 100. Edited in Lightroom for minor tweaks. Converted the color shot to Black and White and liked that version so much better!
    Credit: Richard D Mitchell, Jr
    Facebook: rdmitchelljr photography
    Instagram: rmitchelljrphotography
    Sunderland Photography Group
    Title or Location: Scarborough
    One of the creative artistic edits of my images. I love to create motion and fluidity in an image to set it apart from the run of the mill shot by creating drama and emotion using my post processing skills.
    Credit: Kenneth Fisher

    Cedar Rapids Photography Group
    Title or Location: North Liberty Iowa
    This was taken with a Nikon D7100 set on on long exposure. Steel wool was in a kitchen wish tied on a string. Lit on fire and spun in a circle.
    Credit: Scott Shrader
    Instagram: Iowaoutdoorsphotos
    Colchester Photography Group
    Title or Location: Essex, UK
    A Gerbera cut flower taken in my lightbox using my Sigma Macro Lens. The gerbera makes such a lovely subject.
    Credit: Richard march
    Facebook: Photography by Richard March
    London Photography Group
    Title or Location: American Kestrel at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy
    First off, I have to say that I am not a "Birder". But I love challenging my photographic skills and abilities. The American Kestrel is not a big bird, and it is fast. So even when you know its takeoff is imminent, it is still hard to get a nice clear photo of the bird. This particular image was shot with a Canon R6 camera, with the RF100-500mm f/4.5-7.1 L IS USM lens at 1/5000 sec, f/7.1 and ISO 4000. I used the animal eye-tracking feature of this mirrorless full frame camera, and was very plea
    Credit: Kevin Rodger
    Facebook: Kevin Rodger
    Instagram: ckrodger

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